Douglas Scranton

With its new facility and expanded printing and converting capabilities, this West Texas carton converter is poised for continued growth.

The new technology and facility improvements in the last three years have totaled nearly $12 million and provided an opportunity to differentiate and offer customized solutions. Investments include a new Bobst Expertfold folder-gluer, a Kohmann window patcher, CartonERP software from Workpack Solutions, seven Eastey case tapers, new signage and a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 41-inch seven-color full inline UV coating sheetfed perfector press…..

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For many paperboard converters keeping up with customer demand is difficult, and on top of that, they are dealing with very long lead times for some board. That means the team needs to predict usage of some paperboard and buy based on that forecast.

For materials that have a shorter lead time the standard Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) tools work well to help the team keep track of upcoming activity and make arrangements to get materials in on time. With one click a PO can be generated for an item, or supplier, to satisfy all future work.

However, with these long lead times for some stock, you may need to place an order before your customer issues you a PO. To help with this, CartonERP has a few tools that can be used to manage paper. By analyzing usage of paperboard you stock you can set a reorder count and safety stock count. Then CartonERP will send you an email when the item dips below the stock count. The system also gives you visibility for all those stock items, and allows you monitor them each day in one spot.

As the market continues to grow, so will the tools we provide to help converters keep up with demand.

We feel passionate about everyone in your organization having access to the information they need to do their job, and do it well.

We also recognized years ago that we were entering into a new area where everyone will have “computers” with them all the time. They sometimes also serve as a phone, or a tablet, or maybe a terminal on a forklift. A modern folding carton plant has computers on each machine, and often carried by all managers and even operators. We want to support that added flexibility, and selected a platform that performs well with many connections at a time.

We price our system with the idea that everyone in the company will use the system, and many users will have several ways to connect. We do not want our customers to be concerned about performance or cost when adding a device to the network.



Seven years ago, we looked ahead to a day when computers would be so inexpensive and easy to replace that they were considered disposable. That day has arrived.


This will dramatically increase the number of devices connected, and increase the opportunities for better communication.


In preparation for this day, CartonERP has been designed to run on these small lean devices, and run on devices that are not yet on the market. The pricing of the system was also designed with this eventuality in mind.


Connect as many smart phones, tablets, Pi’s or other devices as you want to stay connected to your team and keep your work close at hand. Run the system on a cloud server, or on a server in your own server rack.  Any device, and any server, with unlimited connections and an architecture and pricing design to facilitate these connections.