Software Solutions

Software solutions for any size Folding Carton company. Whether you need to add to an existing system, or replace your ERP, we have a solution available for you.

  • Improve Communications
  • Faster and more accurate estimates
  • Prevent downtime with materials planning
  • Reduce wasted time finding information or tickets
  • Distribute The schedule with one click
  • Track job cost through the process
  • Improve inventory accuracy


CartonERP is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Enterprise system that supports both operational and administrative processes of folding carton plants. 

Designed for businesses of any size, this full ERP system simplifies, automates and streamlines everything from estimating to invoicing by using advanced communication tools, robust estimating, MRP, MIS, and electronic job ticketing, barcode inventory and much more.



Carton Works provides an easy, automated system for small businesses that need the core functions of an ERP without all the bells and whistles. 

With an intuitive user interface, cloud maintained database, and support, Carton Works transforms your business from mom & pop shop to organized and efficient Folding Carton Organization.



Carton Connect is a flexible, scalable solution designed to compliment or supplement existing legacy business systems. 

Connect this customizable collection of software to your existing system to add key functions like scheduling, electronic tickets, job tracking, communication tools and more. 

The ability to integrate with equipment, existing software, web portals, and preproduction is what sets this product apart from anything else on the market.



FoodPackERP is software designed specifically for Food Production and Meat packaging facilities.

This Food packaging ERP solution offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use system that covers everything from estimating to invoicing. The software allows your team to quickly navigate through your schedule, inventories, and job history.

3DC warehouse design

3DC Software allows our consultants to model thousands of possible combinations for warehouse layout and equipment. 

A full model of both the layout and best
equipment can then be formed to reduce material handling costs and maximize space.

We have never failed to find less than 20% more capacity in a building!




Cate is a stand-alone software and hardware combination that puts your operations’ data into context instantly. Let Cate turn your data into real-time knowledge.

Build Customer Confidence with Traceability and enjoy Reduced Operating Costs with Cate Software. Cate can also help your organization accelerate Continuous Improvement responses.


Software Features

  • CRM
  • Request for Quote
  • Estimating *
  • Order Entry *
  • Finished goods Item specs
  • Electronic Job Tickets
  • Raw Materials Management
  • MRP – Material requirement planning tools
  • Purchasing
  • Master Scheduling *
  • Machine Costing
  • Profit prediction tools
  • MIS – Leadership reporting
  • Closeout Reporting
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Integrated accounting or
    third party accounting link
  • Finished goods inventory
  • WIP on demand
  • Production Planning
  • Job tracking
  • Release & Pick system
  • Bill of Lading – Shippers
  • Barcode or RFID  Inventory tracking
  • Preproduction Projects
  • Prepress/Cad system links
  • Die/Tooling tracking
  • Quality plans & check lists
  • Certification tracking
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Ink usage & tracking
  • Tag and label creation
  • Shopfloor data collection
  • Timers & time sheets