This folding carton estimating system is remarkably fast and accurate. It gives the Estimator the ability to build very detailed estimates for those large jobs that require precision. At the same time the system supports building estimates for new items without creating full spec sheets and simply using the configured defaults. In this way layouts and estimates can be created in minutes.

In the CartonERP system, the estimate is linked to the finished goods item master for rerun jobs, yet allows for the estimate of a carton without creating an item master. 

Then the system will generate the item as soon as the estimate is pushed into an order. With one click, the software can be used to write the order and create the items. With another click, it can generate a release ticket for those jobs that are make and ship.

The system provides simple or complex estimates with as many forms, sheet sizes, substrates, items, dies, machines, colors, case packs and other variables imaginable. We have not found an estimate that cannot be created by the system.

The system will allow many different characteristics to drive the default speeds. With over twenty thousand estimates in the software, we have been able to set defaults for any characteristic a customer requires. 

Estimating Features

New features are being added all the time to Estimating inside of CartonERP. Here are some of the features and capabilities of the estimating system:

  • CartonERP estimating allows you to estimate new items, or revised items, without creating an item spec or building up the BOM for each item.
  • You can estimate new items in the same estimate with existing items, and have the new items estimated without creating spec sheets.
  • Estimates can contain as many items, forms, dies, paper board, machines, materials, and sub estimates as you want.
  • Machines can be estimated with different cost structures to fit your needs. In some cases you want to cost it as having more people, or set to a market value rather than pure cost.
  • Estimates can be merged together to quote products that will not be produced together, or have totally different processes. For example if you have a ridged box and a point of purchase display on the same quote, you will probably not run them in the same production order and want to analyze the cost independently, but then present one quotation.
  • Costs can be allocated to items based on the blank size, so estimating larger and smaller cartons on the same sheet will not lock you into prices that do not work if the items run independently in the future.
  • Estimates can be linked to commercial printing signatures for costing and converting with pagination.
  • A layout tool allows you to create layouts for quick turnaround estimates without needing the CAD department.
  • The configuration allows you to set your run speeds, make-ready times, and scrap based on dozens of characteristics. (We have not been stumped yet!)
  • Complicated results allow you to drill in and see the work that was used to create the number. For example you may have ink set to a mileage, and then have a base usage, and minimum usage. When you see the total ink used, you can click in and see the formulas, and what the system used to come up with that number.
  • Run speed history for each item is just one click away, and run speed history for each machine is shown on the screen next to your estimated speed.
  • Any changes in defaults are easy, and very easy for management to see.
  • Estimates can be saved as a base estimate and used as a starting point for that customer, or type of work.
  • Orders can be re-estimated with one click, and turned into a new order, or update the current order if permissions are met.
  • The estimating system is tied into a RFQ that starts the process, if used, and allows your sales department to start the process of estimating the order without seeing any details on cost.
  • Win loss reports help you track your quotes to see how you are landing work. 

    And, like any other part of CartonERP, estimating can be customized to meet your needs. It is supported by a team with years of experience in estimating orders in the industry who know the challenges you face.