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Order Entry

The online job ticket provides a great communication tool for your organization. All change orders and supporting documents can be connected to the job, and emails and text messages can go out notifying you of changes you should be aware of.


Tracking where a job in pipeline, is a valuable part of the order system. Users can see what has been done with the job in real time. The ticket also has a build in “Frist Piece Inspection Checklist” for converting, and shop floor data collection. From outside the carton shop authorized users can email in attachments and approvals to the jobs. Having all of this data linked in real time to the scheduling and material system will help your folding carton plant be more efficient and profitable.


The job ticket and any other screen in the system is available in multiple and customizable languages. If your company refers to things in your own way, the system will support using your terminology.


Some other features on the electronic ticket:

  • Color patches for each color on each form
  • links to run history and other histories
  • Die image
  • Link to graphic images for each item
  • Issues record keeping to allow users to record trouble with paper or other items on the job
  • Attachments for supporting documents (these can be a default set of documents distributed with every job)
  • Change order notes (in the system or through email)
  • Estimated machine speeds and times
  • Estimated and actual materials (BOM)
  • Job status for pre-production
  • Quality plan for approval systems used and sign off dates
  • Export exl from the job to kick off the pre-press project