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ERP For Food Processing

FoodPackERP Software

FoodPackERP is software designed specifically for food processing, food production, and meat packaging facilities.

This food packaging ERP solution offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use system that covers everything from estimating to invoicing. The software allows your team to quickly navigate through your schedule, inventories, and job history. It can also play a very important role in food traceability.

The system is developed with technology that can be run on any PC or Mac. With a secure connection to your system, it can even run on your smart phone.
Commitment to growth: We are committed to putting a minimum of 25% of every dollar in revenue towards improvements and additions to the software.

This ERP system is based on the idea that you should never be more than four mouse clicks away from anything you need. When a customer calls in to ask about a PO, a sales service person should be able to find that PO, and see where it is in the schedule within seconds.

You can run the software from any computer, phone, or tablet. Any device that can open a web page can run the software.

The software can run on any server of your choice, or we can arrange for this to be run “on the cloud” and hosted by a network center. The data is easy to backup and incorporate into your current backup system.

The database is designed to make it easy to find what you need.

  • Customer Resource Management (CRM)
  • EDI connection and order entry from Dot Foods
  • End user management
  • Order entry / job tracking
  • Purchasing & materials management
  • Item master with specifications systems
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Shop time sheets with maintenance tracking
  • Barcode inventory finished goods release system
  • Shippers
  • Invoicing
  • MIS (extensive reporting)
  • System events / email alerts
  • Web access for smart phones language
  • Customization custom designed printouts
  • Custom designed spec sheets and customizable screens
  • Remote access to inventory for customers and sales staff