If you can measure it, you can improve it.

Manufacturers often struggle with the quality of data coming from the production floor. The data and information input by operators can be as varied as the locations, shifts and machines they are running.

When it comes to folding carton and packaging manufacturers where every fraction of a penny counts, having the right measurements and visibility to those measures allows you to identify issues and resolve them before too much time (or money) is wasted.

Our latest product and software solution, WIP Tracker, allows production management real-time visibility to how your equipment and operators are running. Our team’s years of experience in the folding carton industry is your advantage to products that work. We know you can’t be everywhere in your plant at once. WIP Tracker was created to provide you with visibility to the shop floor.

Measure More Manufacturing Data in Real-Time, from Anywhere

You no longer need to rely solely on operators for correct data. In fact, with the assistance of WIP Tracker units, you can shift your operator’s focus from doing paperwork to being skill craftsman. They will be happier and the company will be more successful with more accurate and actionable data, which is automatically input by the WIP Tracker. Then simple dashboards, available on your computer or mobile device, are available at any time. Areas are highlighted with green, yellow and red – so you know where attention needs to be directed quickly to resolve any issues.

Trouble areas are hard to isolate with a single basic metrics like a total number of hours and pieces pieces per hour. Although the following scenarios share the same number of pieces per hour the opportunity for improvement is very different.

  • What if the machine ran for 2 hours and ran “slow” because of Material output?
  • What if the machine ran fast, but had an issue with multiple stops through out the run?

WIP Tracker gives you this granular data so you can address specific issues. You wouldn’t know if timing and output is related to an man, material or machine.

If you can’t measure it, you don’t know. And if you don’t know, you can’t improve it. WIP Tracker was designed specifically for folding carton manufacturers to give you a holistic set of data points, allow you to effectively measure the entire production process, and improve efficiencies to impact your bottom line.

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