CartonERP is constantly being improved upon and having new features added.

This page will outline the things you may see in your next update. To test these, please visit your “sandbox” link from the home page of CartonERP.

If you do not have a sandbox, please contact us to find out how to make that available for you.

Sandbox System:
CartonERP now offers you the ability to have a cloud server running the very latest code with your data so you can test drive new features before they are deployed on your system. This is also a great tool for your team to try new things, or perform internal training on. The data is updated from your live / local server to the cloud server each night. When the database is imported, the system also downloads the latest code changes from that day from the CartonERP team. The sandbox server is run online behind a firewall that is only open from inside your building, or from our office and is not open to the outside world.

If you have one of these running you can find a link on the right side of your home page and we recommend you click into that server and test the latest code before we update your local server. If you are an estimater, that means do an estimate, if you are a shipping supervisor, please process a release and so on…


The method for applying credits to an invoice was made easier in this update.

The system has been better documented in the training system. Click internal training to see more…


Estimating has a few new features that make the pages open faster.

The system also has new links to show the work for many of the numbers. For some materials in the estimate the algorithm is fairly complex and sometimes the results are not what you would expect. With this new show work button you can see how the system took the number of plates, image area, ink mileage, and came up with a number. Then if that number was modified because you have a setting for minimum ink usage, or base Lbs you can see how those settings were applied to get the final number.

The system has a way to see what run speed or waste bracket was used and why it did not use other brackets. This will make it easier for the estimator to know why the order did not qualify for a bracket they were expecting, and quick edit the bracket, or the estimate to get the desired results.

The win loss report was updated to help you better understand what orders you are getting from the ones you quote.

You can now create more than one quote printout format. This is handy if you quote different types of work. For example, if you do commercial print orders and folding carton, they may have different layouts.


Show Work:
Many more show work buttons were added to this latest update. While the system has been recording who changed many numbers for a long time now, this new button makes it very easy to see the history without leaving the screen you are looking at.


MRP Update:
The Materials Requirements Planning area has been modified to run faster, and not require running an extensive report to see issues. The new version updates the report and linked areas each time the schedule changes, PO is edited, or an Order BOM is modified. This means all the searches for items and areas where the total allocated counts are much faster even for those items with many orders.


The fully automated forecasting engine has been updated to make it more powerful then ever. You can have your team record when they expect artwork to be in, or other things that may hold up the order. The system also allows you to see a full picture of the schedule and where the order is on a screen that opens very quickly and is read only for people in Customer Service or other departments.

New and improved Drag and Drop schedule is added with this update.


Administrative work:
The system for managing user groups has been updated to make it easier to manage the groups a user is in.

The home page modification is split off into a new user group so you can have someone edit the home page without seeing other settings. This makes it easier for your receptionist to keep it updated with things like holiday hours or upcoming meetings.

A couple new event emails are added, so we encourage you to have the team look over options for receiving emails from the system.


Please email to request more information.