Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Calculation

Manufacturing Measurement and Data Visualization

The manufacturing world is changing. It is speeding up with expectations for efficiency that are higher than ever. In the world of folding carton packaging manufacturing, companies are faced with this and several other aspects including inventory management, product tracking, real time data visualization and work in progress traceability.

Often, production teams can be overwhelmed with data, and management of it. Still, the more information you have better your business can run. Efficiency is the name of the game here. How many good products can you make and how effectively are you using your current labor, equipment and planned materials? The WIP tracker is an exceptional solution to assist with OEE in your facility.

The WIP Tracker from Workpack Solutions provides more transparency to your manufacturing process, performance, machine optimization, and production quality, giving you visibility to on how best to optimize and maximize productivity. Efficiency is a huge competitive advantage. Focusing on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) we can look at how this data can give you accurate measures on:


Monitor run time along with shift changes, breakdowns, and overall production counts of cartons.


Count pieces and compare count output with available capacity, charting speed, time, and quality.


Monitor overall production counts for good and bad Product. WIP Tracker separates make-ready waste counts from good run counts then stores data for analytics and reporting.

While these data points are available from other separate sources, having all of this data contextually available to management and production staff via computer or mobile device at any time allows for immediate correction. WIP Tracker can illuminate problems that exist in a manufacturing process, whether it is material, equipment or staff related.

When it comes to OEE, WIP Tracker offers you a complete solution with hardware and software. It connects management to the equipment, manufacturing systems, productivity and production staff. The WIP Tracker is able to communicate with nearly any device or equipment, allowing for access to job specific performance metrics and detailed reports via the CartonERP management system dashboards or through a separate WIP Tracker interface.

For nearly six decades, the manufacturing industry has strived for continuous improvement in production output and quality. OEE has been the map guiding this.

In an information age fixated on automation and optimization, WIP Tracker provides a cost effective solution of hardware and software combined. Ensure your folding carton production facility is able to monitor, measure and respond to all work in progress, improving OEE with this innovative new solution. For more information or for a free demo, please contact us today.