A software membership subscription with CartonERP means you purchase a membership contract, and with that you are supplied software (including upgrades) and support. Not to be confused with SaaS which typically implies the software is run “on the Cloud”. Our software can be both installed on your local server or cloud hosted. 

The conventional model for buying software has always been subject to a few significant challenges. The traditional model for software requires you to spend a lot of money up front on a system that you have not tried. Then  you have cost for service contracts and stagnated technology for several years. After that, there is another large cost to upgrade, and the cycle continues.

This membership approach is much different. Membership has a much lower cost up front and less risk to get started. The easy transition has been well received in the folding carton industry. The price structure is easy to understand and the cost of the contract is locked in and fixed to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The contract includes all new upgrades to the system. A sizable portion of all revenue is allocated to advancements in the system. This means you don’t have stagnation in our ERP system’s technology.

We are focused on service, ensuring your satisfaction with the system to keep you using it for years to come.

We are committed to putting a minimum of 25% of every dollar in revenue towards improvements and additions to the software. This business model is designed to ensure our customers can take advantage of new technology, and our company remains on the leading edge of software design.


Advantages to you:

  • Low upfront cost with lower risk
  • Consistent and continuous improvement to your system
  • Comprehensive software available to everyone in the organization
  • Support provided from a company that is centered on service rather than selling you the next version
  • Consistent and predictable software support costs
  • Easy to understand pricing
  • Lower total cost of ownership