Training is a critical component to any new software implementation. All systems are supported with start-up training, advanced training, and start-up assistance.

With new installations a training server is created for your team to learn how to run the software using your customers, suppliers, and processes.


Types of Training:

Video Library
CartonERP includes an ever-expanding set of video tutorials at no additional cost. These videos cover both general topics, as well as more specific areas, and offer a great visual aid to new users or those who just need a quick refresher with the software.

Online Training
Using third-party software, Workpack Solutions team members are able to connect directly to your desktop and work with you in real time. These sessions can be used to teach the ins and outs of a new section in the ERP System, review and explain new additions to the software, or serve as a training apparatus for departments.

On Location Training
Experienced members of the Workpack team are available to make the trip to your plants and offer the value of decades of experience in the folding carton industry. Whether you’re looking to implement a new module in the ERP system, or for some consulting on how to most efficiently utilize the software, our team members are prepared to put their knowledge to work in helping you be successful.

Training at our facility
Sometimes on-site training can lead to too many distractions. Machinery running, people stepping in and out with questions, and  other distractions can pull away from the focus of training. Workpack offers a solution to this by way of training at our location in Michigan. This allows you to escape the day-to-day and work with our team members to discover how CartonERP can best serve your company and its specific needs.

Startup assistance
Purchasing an ERP system, or switching software, is a big and exciting change! Our team will be there every step of the way to ensure that your installation goes smoothly with a series of discovery meetings, on site assistance, and training sessions.

New hire training
Bringing on a new company officer can be a daunting proposition. Workpack can lessen that by offering a training session to get your new hire caught up on the ins and outs of the software as it pertains to their position within the organization. A focused approach, wider overview, or both can have them caught up in short order, allowing them to focus on bringing their best.

Advanced training
Advanced training has been a valuable resource to our members months, or even years after the installation.