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Reduce Make Ready Time and Increase Margins

Time is precious when you’re changing jobs on the production floor, we get it. With the investment in your machines and staff, the only time you’re making money is when they are running. If you can improve your pace of job set up, you can improve your margins and reduce time.

Automatic tracking and counts as jobs are run allow your operators to focus on other production needs. Automation is a huge time saver, and can reduce human errors on your production documents and job tickets. What if you had a way to capture shop-floor data while reducing the opportunity for human error when reporting at the end of the run, job, or shift?

We’ve seen many folding carton manufacturers run into this same issue time and time again. They are losing margin and billable hours when setting up jobs and documenting production details at the end of each job. Since your equipment is so automated and efficient, we wanted to offer you another way to find efficiencies and make more money.

We did the comparison to see where we could help manufacturers save more money. Those who have installed WIP Tracker can shave about 3 minutes off every make ready. Operators can simply click “done” and counts and data are recorded for make ready. Then it’s on to run or the next job.

Additional data is captured with run times, operator names, materials used, environmental conditions, actual piece counts, and so much more. Data is automatically saved, stored and made available for staff throughout the facility – and can trigger the next steps in your processes, depending on your ERP solution.

It’s all about communication and accurate data. These things play a huge role in improving processes to be more efficient and profitable. And this, is how you could bill nearly $20k more per work center by improving your set up times from job to job throughout the day.

Where did we get our numbers from?
  • An average of about $8.30/ job to change or make ready based on an hourly employee rate
  • Sale price of $550/hour to run a job on machine
  • Average of 3 job changes per day
  • Equals about $19,000 per year for operators to fill out paperwork