For many paperboard converters keeping up with customer demand is difficult, and on top of that, they are dealing with very long lead times for some board. That means the team needs to predict usage of some paperboard and buy based on that forecast.

For materials that have a shorter lead time the standard Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) tools work well to help the team keep track of upcoming activity and make arrangements to get materials in on time. With one click a PO can be generated for an item, or supplier, to satisfy all future work.

However, with these long lead times for some stock, you may need to place an order before your customer issues you a PO. To help with this, CartonERP has a few tools that can be used to manage paper. By analyzing usage of paperboard you stock you can set a reorder count and safety stock count. Then CartonERP will send you an email when the item dips below the stock count. The system also gives you visibility for all those stock items, and allows you monitor them each day in one spot.

As the market continues to grow, so will the tools we provide to help converters keep up with demand.