Reduce Your Rework in Real-Time

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Materials, process, and labor are the biggest factors folding carton manufacturers can improve to increase profit margins. The better manufacturing and inventory processes are the more efficient your people can be, therefore you are able to improve your profit margins.

When you’re slicing pennies as thin as you are, you need tools that help you save any fraction of a penny you can.

Our flagship product, CartonERP was developed specifically for folding carton manufacturers to use in improving their operations and communications, all of which is in order to improve efficiency. Our newest software product, WIP Tracker, provides you and your team with real-time data so staff throughout the plant can see things as they are happening. In the manufacturing process, issues with a run often don’t come to light until the job has been completed.  Often during shift change; job change or regular inspection intervals are when any problems are discovered. However, if you could see items getting flagged from a computer dashboard or app from your mobile device, you could catch any discrepancy in real time and take action before loosing valuable materials or staff time.

WIP Tracker was designed with easy to recognize data visualization tools, which include areas that are green, yellow and red so you know at-a-glance how things are moving – good, caution or an alert if there is an issue or stoppage. Having these metrics available to you at any time gives you more visibility of production as it happens – allowing you to make improvements, catch issues and resolve them much quicker. Early detection of these issues can save time, materials and money.

Analysis of post-production data is historical information. It’s done and there’s nothing you can do to change it. This means your company takes longer to find issues or opportunities for improvement when you’re sending data to an engineer to review spreadsheets. It’s historical data, and then it’s silo’d in a spreadsheet. We know this issue all too well in the folding carton industry, and others. Which is why we’ve developed software that allows you track every step of the manufacturing process, monitoring as it happens, and having the information immediately available from any device – be it your mobile phone, a tablet or desktop computer.

If you’re tired of looking back at completed production reports and talking with your team about what you could have done to prevent this, or what you will do next time, then perhaps you should take a look at WIP Tracker and our other business software products for your industry. Feel free to contact us, request information or a demo.